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ANZ Bank announced an automated cryptocurrency trading system with investments from Dick Smith

'They told me the system could make Aussies an Average of $1.450/day - I was of course skeptical at first!'

(ABC News) - ANZ Bank has made a real breakthrough and succeeded in creating a platform that has already made huge profits in a short time and attracted the attention of many investors.

ANZ Bank worked for a long time on a platform that will help thousands of Aussies to achieve economic freedom.

Dick Smith was so impressed by the project, he decided to invest the huge sum of 13 million Dollars and gave ANZ Bank the means to develop the greatest investment platform of the 21st century.

Everyone in Australia can use the platform. To register, follow a special link and enter your phone number.

The Project co-host Waleed Aly managed to get an interview from Dick Smith on the show and the millionaire businessman dropped a bomb:

Dick Smith: ”For years we have been using a variety of systems to attain a clear picture on investments but we have never seen an interface like this one. In fact, this is the dream of every regular citizen. The platform can predict ups and downs in cryptocurrencies values with remarkable accuracy. All this thanks to the research and development by ANZ Bank which aimed to prove that no matter how volatile the market is, there is a mathematical way to predict fluctuations and earn tens of thousands of dollars at a success rate of 80-89%!”

"We are at a point in history at which we will finally have control over our money; at which we will no longer need an intermediary body; and at which those people who have never had an equal financial opportunity will be able to get ahead."

In the interview Dick Smith explained that he made a huge investment in order to be one of the founders of this financial wonder, and we just had to look into it.

Also in the interview with Dick Smith we learned that after a trial run period, he and the developers from ANZ Bank managed to earn $700,000 in 9 weeks.

Dick Smith: "I couldn’t ignore these amounts, and together with ANZ Bank we decided to first open this platform on a limited basis, and now to all citizens of Australia, so that they can trade safely and earn thousands of dollars every week!"

After talking with Dick Smith it was important to us to hear from the great minds behind this amazing tool.
This is what ANZ Bank told us: “It was important to us to develop a platform that would let us help and improve the socio-economic situation of the citizens of Australia and allow all platform users to prosper.”                                                                                   

How does ANZ Sec really work?

It’s really quite simple and using it doesn’t require investment experience. This means that new and experienced investors are offered the opportunity to benefit from ANZ Sec because it provides high precision rates and is safer relative to the various crypto platforms.

The platform, developed after years of research, is based on algorithms and artificial intelligence. The developers at ANZ Bank studied the crypto market and developed algorithms that result in quick profits.

Also, we learnt that the algorithm makes profit by buying when the price goes up AND when the price goes down. This is known as short-selling, and the platform handles it for you automatically.

Dick Smith: “This is without doubt the most profitable investment seen in recent years!

It offers the opportunity to benefit from the crypto boom when you have at your disposal an artificial intelligence system that for the short or long term, manages the sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies for you.”

In addition, ANZ Sec learns the market 24/7 and thus makes profits even when its users are asleep.  

The system constantly scans the market and based on the information it collects, ANZ Sec is able to detect fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of them.

One of the main goals facing ANZ Bank is to reduce the gap between social classes in Australia and this is why the platform was developed and everyone is being given the opportunity to make big profits and live a comfortable and good life, even in times of crisis, such as COVID. It’s important to note that the major banks are already using artificial intelligence systems to remain profitable, but for the first time it is being offered here to the general public!

The business model of ANZ Sec:

When the platform generates profits for ANZ Sec’s users it charges 1% of the total profits, and thus it is in the platform’s interest to generate huge profits. 

Our senior editors wouldn't let us publish the interview with Dick Smith until we verified that ANZ Sec is a legitimate make-money-from-home opportunity. Our corporate leadership did not want us releasing any information that could potentially cause citizens of Australia to lose their hard-earned money.

So our editorial team tested ANZ Sec to make sure it actually works like Dick Smith described. One of our online editors, Peter Ryan, volunteered to risk his own money and test out ANZ Sec.

Peter is a 53-year-old father of 2 girls whose wife lost her job last year due to covid. He admitted he was struggling financially and this investment opportunity could be the answer.

Peter’s family was struggling to make ends meet and hoped that ANZ Sec could relieve his the financial pressure, so he decided to test the system and report his results


"Within 1 hour of depositing $250 AUD, the software started trading for me. To be honest, I was nervous it would lose all of my money. And sure enough, my first trade was a $25 AUD loss!

I felt my throat close up. I thought I had been scammed. I was even ready to call my personal investor and ask for my money back. But then I remembered what he told me earlier on our call: The algorithm is right about 80-89% of the time. You’re not going to win EVERY trade, but you'll win enough and be profitable overall.

So I let the software keep trading for me and watched it closely. The next trade was profitable! Only $19 AUD but it was still something. Then the next trade was $51 AUD profit. Then $22 AUD profit, making a total profit of $67 AUD. And this was all under 5 minutes!

Soon I started scooping up cash like ice-cream and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Every time I refreshed the screen, my profits grew higher and higher. I felt like I was on drugs because this was such an exciting rush.

Now I know why Dick Smith is in a good mood all the time. And why the big banks don’t want people anywhere near this wealth loophole. By the end of the day, I had made over $754 AUD in profit, not bad from a starting investment of $250 AUD! I was so excited I barely got any sleep.

The next day was Tuesday and I had to go back to work. To be honest (and don’t tell my boss this), it was hard to focus on my job knowing the ANZ Sec software was making me money.

I snuck out to the bathroom a few times to check my profits, and they kept stacking up (with a small loss here and there). At the end of the day, before I put my kids to sleep, my account balance showed $1,349.13 AUD. That’s more than I earn in a WEEK at my regular job!

By the end of the week, I made a total of $5,349.12 AUD. I withdrew exactly $4,500 and re-invested the rest. Within 2 days I received my first cheque in the mail- for exactly $4,500. I couldn’t believe this was real life!"


Right now, our readers can try the platform for a minimum initial deposit of just $250 AUD. You can withdraw this amount at any time you want.

Given the massive increase in popularity of the trading platform, this initial minimum deposit may increase!

It is crucial that you sign up immediately, as we do not know how many places will be available

You can fund your account via credit card or a bank transfer.

There are three steps to get started:

1. Sign Up For A Free Account

2. Deposit The Minimum $250 AUD

3. Use The Trading platform To Earn Profits

Note: You can withdraw your profits or initial deposit at ANY time by using the 'Withdraw' button inside the platform

Step 1: Enter Your Details To Sign Up For A Free Account

Step 2: Deposit The Initial Minimum Investment Of $250

Step 3: Withdraw Your Profits (or keep them invested to generate more profit!)

Register Here And Start Profiting!