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Bank of Singapore is suing Lee Hsien Loong for his statements on live TV

Singaporeans already earn millions of dollars from home according to information from Lee Hsien Loong.

Bank of Singapore is suing Lee Hsien Loong for his statements on live TV

Lee Hsien Loong and Zou Yun live on CGTN

06:36AM (Updated: 06:44AM)

The scandal occurred during the live broadcast of the interview when Lee Hsien Loong accidentally revealed his secret. Many viewers noticed the "random" words of Lee Hsien Loong and began to send messages to the live broadcast. However, the program was interrupted by a call from the Bank of Singapore demanding that the live broadcast be stopped immediately.

Luckily, we were able to convince the director of CGTN to provide a copy of the recording of the interview. If you've taken the time to read this article, be careful as it may soon be removed, as it happened with the broadcast. So, if you are lucky enough to read this article, perhaps you should follow the link provided by Lee Hsien Loong himself.

Deleted interview with Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong: "I will tell you this: to be rich, you don't have to work at all. Once you understand this concept, it will be easier for you to make money".

Zou Yun: "This is how the rich and famous often talk. However, what about everyone else who has to suffer every day at work to feed their families? In any case, money is never enough".

Lee Hsien Loong: "You think I didn’t work much? Or that I was not as poor as most Singapore people? When someone says that I was just lucky, I laugh, because nowadays the Internet literally offers the opportunity to get rich without getting up from the couch, and anyone can become a millionaire".

Zou Yun: "You mean there is a way to earn money like that, and it works for everyone? It's hard to believe, really…".

It was noticeable that the distrust of Zou Yun greatly annoyed Lee Hsien Loong. Loong starts to argue with Zou Yun and accidentally reveals a secret about a loophole in the system that made him rich.

Lee Hsien Loong: "If you don't believe me, I'll prove it to you. Give me $250 and with this platform I will make a million in just 15-20 weeks!".

Zou Yun: "I have already heard about . As far as I know, this platform uses artificial intelligence to trade cryptocurrency. Now everyone who watches us will know the name of this platform...".

Lee Hsien Loong: "Actually, let’s just remove this from the footage. I didn't mean to say the name, it happened by accident!"

Zou Yun: "Just a reminder that we are LIVE. All our viewers have already heard that you are getting rich on the platform. Now tell us, ordinary Singapore people, how can we make money the same way you do? Or do millionaires not care about ordinary people?"

Lee Hsien Loong: "Don't say it like I'm a scapegoat. I will tell you about this platform, but many people will be angry with me for revealing such secrets. Well, first of all, give me your phone and let me invest $250".

Zou Yun handed his phone to Lee Hsien Loong. Loong signed up for the project using this link, and 5 minutes later, returned the phone to Zou Yun.

Lee Hsien Loong: "I just signed you up for on your phone. This platform is a 100% perfect solution for those who want to get rich. It is based on a self-learning artificial intelligence that trades cryptocurrencies instead of you. You don't have to do anything. That is, you don't need to understand how bitcoin or other digital currency works. This program determines the perfect time to buy and sell assets and conclude transactions on its own. The advantage is that you don't need to do anything at all. Just make a minimum deposit so you can trade and the program will work by itself. Not only do I recommend, but I insist every Singaporean uses this platform. Then, you will once and for all forget you have to work".

Zou Yun: "It really sounds legit. But how much can you really earn on this?"

Lee Hsien Loong: "Remember, 20 minutes ago I took your phone? I registered you on this platform and made the minimum deposit, which is only $250. Now open the app and see for yourself how much you have managed to earn in such a short time".

Zou Yun opened her personal account on the platform and was amazed. In just 20 minutes, the program made 3 transactions: 1 insignificant, and the other 2 were successful and brought good profits. The balance has increased from $250 to $297.

Lee Hsien Loong: "Now tell me honestly, how much did you earn in those 20 minutes?"

Zou Yun: "Net profit is $47. It's incredible!"

Lee Hsien Loong: "Try to imagine how much money you will have in your account within a month. If you invest at least $250 now, in 4 weeks you will have $100000 or even $150000! Just register on the platform and expect profits that can be withdrawn to any bank account at any time"

Zou Yun: "How does it work?"

Lee Hsien Loong: "Cryptocurrencies fluctuate in value all the time. That is why you can make good money on them. Buy during a fall and sell during an increase. However, in order to make a correct prediction, you must consider 37 financial indicators that professionals call "signals". Therefore, is a platform with a self-learning algorithm that analyzes all 37 variables in real time. Thus, it works faster and more accurately than a whole team of professional investors. The feature is that it can work automatically, the user doesn't need to do anything! The program runs non-stop, bringing great profit. The only thing left to do is withdraw money".

Zou Yun: "If it is that simple, why didn't you talk about this loophole before?"

Lee Hsien Loong: "I don't mind if common people of Singapore start to earn money this way. However, try to think about it. If everyone starts getting thousands of dollars a day, then who is going to work? Why would a taxi driver, physician, policeman or a school teacher go to work when they can make so much more money using only technology and five minutes of their time a day?"

Zou Yun: "Now I understand you. Tell me, how much money do I need to invest to make one million dollars as quickly as possible?"

Lee Hsien Loong: "Try to start with a minimum deposit. $250 will be enough to make the program work for you. If you do not withdraw your profit, the first million can be earned in half a year. But don't think it's a cure for poverty. Sometimes the algorithm makes mistakes, about 20% of the time. However, the remaining 80% of trades are profitable".

Zou Yun: "Sorry, we have just received an urgent call from the Bank of Singapore. They demanded that we stop this live broadcast right now…"

Lee Hsien Loong: "You know, it doesn't surprise me at all. I understand them. If it was me, I would be scared too. Imagine how much money they could lose. They are against the idea that ordinary Singaporeans will learn the easy way to get rich. I've already said everything I could. All you need is an internet connection and a registration link. Take this chance, but don't think it's a cure for poverty".

After that, the broadcast was interrupted again.

The investigation into Lee Hsien Loong interview continued

The program editor decided to personally check and later wrote a detailed report.

Day 1:

"I confess, at first I did not believe that it would be so simple. However, I really wanted to see it firsthand. I used a credit card to fund my account. I invested $250 and waited to see what would happen".

"Imagine my shock when nothing happened after I deposited the money. I thought that I was deceived. But after a few minutes, the algorithm started to work. I was overjoyed and then I saw the stats - my first transaction lost $22!"

"There were some losses in the first few minutes of using the platform. But the next deal, as well as the second after it, helped me gain more money. In a few minutes my balance went from $250 to $272!"

Day 2:

"I started my morning by checking my balance: there was already $467. Imagine this! My balance doubled In one day. I wanted to withdraw my profit, but decided to wait another week".

Day 7:

"I haven't checked my balance on the platform for a week. It was a little difficult because I was afraid that I had lost all the money".

"When I later went back to my account, this is what I saw: almost 85% of all trades made good profits. Another 15% were unsuccessful. But that paid off easily. I now had $4230 on my balance! And I withdrew $4000 to buy a present for my wife. The money was transferred very quickly, within an hour, and the remaining amount continued to bring me income. Here is the bank statement:

really works! According to my calculations, if I had not withdrawn my profits, $4000 would have turned into a million in 14 weeks!"

Brief instructions on how to start earning on the platform

  • 1. Use the link provided by Lee Hsien Loong (click the red button below). You will be redirected to the official website of the platform
  • 2. When you arrive at the website, find the form and fill in the fields: first name, last name, email and phone number. The manager will call the phone number provided, so please do not make any mistakes while filling out the form
  • 3. Wait for a call from the manager. You will be consulted on all issues related to working with the platform
  • 4. Account registration is free until
  • Sign up here and start earning!

    Source: CNA/ll(mi)